Nexus Global Advisors

Bringing Financial Services Compliance Into Focus

Key features

  • Outsource your compliance
  • The best terms with all providers
  • Operate under your chosen corporate branding and style
  • Fully compliant solutions and support for DB pension transfers
  • CRM system to manage your clients from anywhere
  • Support and guidance with your existing marketing strategy
  • EU and Non EU licensing models
  • Support and guidance with your marketing strategy

One Complete Solution

There are few issues as burdensome to financial advisers as compliance and regulatory requirements. If you operate your business anywhere in the EU or wish to grow into this market or further afield, Nexus Global can lift this load and help you free your time to focus on the development of what matters most: the interests of your clients and your business.

Nexus Global gives you the opportunity to operate independently, backed by the benefits of a global financial advice network providing guidance on your existing or developing business model.

Realise Remuneration on a Global Scale

You can achieve trail fees on regular premium assets under management as well as realising additional revenue streams through banking platforms and discretionary fund management. Nexus Global offers the full range of products available within the EU and we also assist members across the globe, find out today how we can help take your business to the next level

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We’ve Got Your Back - Nexus Global Office Systems

Add value to your business with our IFA-specific Customer Relationship Management System. Full cloud access allows you to view your business at a glance from any location in the world, keeping you connected and able to respond to ever changingrequirements.

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